Aggarwal – Lectures


Lecture Experience:


Podcast for the Hoover Institution’s Pacific Century series, August 2021.


“New Economic Statecraft and Great Power Competition,” The Bohemian Club, September 2020.

“Taiwan’s Trade Policies and the United States,” National Bureau of Asian Research, November 2020.

“The U.S.-China Trade Deal,” Council on Foreign Relations, San Francisco, January 2020.

“US-China Relations,” Moderator, Council on Foreign Relations National Conference, June 2020.


“Global Governance in an Era of Strategic Competition,” National Chengchi University, Taiwan, July 2019.

“The Outlook for Global Trade,” Asia Global Institute, The University of Hong Kong, November 2019.


“Moving to Disequilibrium in the Trading System: Implications for Corporate Strategy,” BCG West Coast Leadership Meeting, February 2018.

“Toward a Bipolar Trading Order? China vs. the US,” ISEAS, National University of Singapore, June 2018.


“Assault on the Liberal Trading Order: Evolution and Implications,” Opening speaker, Bridge 2010: Berkeley Asia Business conference, April 2017.

“Backlash Against Globalization: Causes and Remedies,” National University of Singapore, October 2017.

“China vs. the US: Competing Visions of the Global Trading System?” Seoul National University and the University of Macau, September 2017.

“The Globalization Backlash,” Columbia Business School, November 2017.

“The Liberal Trade Order Under Assault,” Keynote speaker, Asia Foundation Board of Trustees, Berkeley, January 2017.

“The Liberal Trading Order Under Assault: A U.S. Perspective,” University of Geneva, May and INSEAD, Singapore, June, 2017.

“The Rise and Fall of Mega-FTAs,” UC Irvine, April 2017.

“Trump’s Trade Policy,” Brookings Institution Conference, Japan’s Trade policy in an era Anti-Globalism, February 2017.


“Filling Asia’s Infrastructure Gap: Financing the Region’s Growth,” San Francisco Federal Reserve, June 2016.

“India and APEC,” Conference on India’s Integration with Asia-Pacific: Economic and Strategic Aspects,” ISAS and National University of Singapore, January 2016.

“Growing Challenges for East Asia’s Export Oriented Model,” 31st Pacific Economic Community Seminar, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2016.

“The TPP, China, and the Future of Trade in Asia,” Young China Watchers, San Francisco, September 2016.

“The TPP and Trends in Regional Trade and Trading Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific,” Taiwan and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Re-evaluation, CISAC, Stanford University, April 2016.

“The Trade-Environment Nexus in the Pacific and the Atlantic: The TPP and the TTIP,” The 2016 Harvard-Yenching and SSK Conference on Human Rights and the Environment, Harvard University, April 2016.

“The Trans Pacific Partnership and the Rise of Mega-Free Trade Agreements,” World Affairs Council, Palo Alto, CA, January 2016.

“Trade Under Stress: Mega-FTAS and the Collapsing WTO, World Affairs Council, Bay Area, December 2016.


“Changing Economic Governance in the Asia-Pacific,” Taiwan Benevolent Association of America, San Jose, August 2015.

“Fragmenting or Fixing the Global Trading System? The Rise of Mega-FTAs,” Balsille School of International Affairs,” October 2015.

“International Political Economy and the Study of Mega-FTAs,” Université Libre de Bruxelles, October 2015.

“International Regimes and Corporate Strategies: A Theoretical Perspective and the Case of TTIP,” Institute for Strategic Research of the Ecole Militaire (IRSEM), Paris, France, June 2015.

“Global Political Economy and International Cooperation: Goods, Games, and Institutions,” University of Toronto, September 2015.

“Mega-FTAs in the Asia-Pacific: Designing and Reconciling RCEP and TPP,” National University of Singapore, January 2015.

“Mega FTAs in the Pacific and the Atlantic,” University of Cambridge and the University of Sussex, May 2015.

“The Future of Mega-FTAs (TPP, RCEP and TTIP) and the AIIB,” Waseda University, Tokyo, December 2015, Asan Institute, Seoul, November 2015, East Asia Foundation, Seoul, November 2015

“The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Setting Rules for the World?” The Cato Institute, September 2015.


“Designing and Reconciling Trade Institutions in the Asia-Pacific,” Shanghai Forum, May 2014.

“National Development and Smart Industrial Policy: What Works? What Doesn’t?” Seoul National University, November 2014.

“The Trans Pacific Partnership and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Evolution and Prospects,” East Asia Forum, Seoul, July 2014 and August 2014, Hanoi, Vietnam.


“Thinking about Institutional Design in the Asia-Pacific,” APEC Secretariat, Singapore, June 2013.

“Trade Institutions and Power Games in the Global Economy,” Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden, 75th Anniversary Celebration, August 2013.

“Trade Trends and Institutional Design in the Asia-Pacific,” conference on The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Taiwan’s Future Development Strategy,” Stanford University, October 2013.

“U.S. Linkage Strategies in the Negotiation of Free Trade Agreements,” Thammasat University, Bangkok, May 2013.


“Bottoms Up: Using the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Link FTAs in the Asia Pacific,” Thammasat University, Bangkok, May 2012.

“From NAFTA to TPP,” North American Futures, Berkeley-British Columbia Symposium, March 2012.

“Industrial Policy Choice during the Crisis Era,” OECD, Paris, October 2012.


Organizer and Speaker, “APEC and the Future of Asia-Pacific Cooperation,” Association of Asian Studies, April 2011.

“Linking Traditional and Nontraditional Security: The U.S. Approach,” GSPA, Seoul National University, December 2011.

“Look West: U.S Trade Policy Toward Asia,” Sakamaki Extraordinary Lecture, University of Hawaii, August 2011.


“Designing Trade Institutions for the Asia-Pacific,” PECC-ADBI-IDB, Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo, Japan, July 2010, Thammasat University, Bangkok, June 2011, and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, June 2012.

Keynote Forum Speaker, Global Initiatives Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, July 2010.

“Next Steps for APEC: Options and Prospects,” Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry, July 2010.

“Linking Trade Agreements and Security in the Asia-Pacific: A Conceptual Analysis,” paper presented at the International Studies Association, New Orleans, February 2010.

“The 2008 Financial Crisis and “New” Industrial Policy,” Academica Sinica, Taiwan, July 2010.

“The Transformation of Trade Institutions in the Asia-Pacific,” Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, Taipei, July 2010.

“U.S. Trade Policy Toward Asia,” The Swedish Institute of International Affairs, October 2010.


“ASEAN Integration: Problems and Prospects,” Institut Supérieur de l’Armement et de la Défense (ISAD), l’Université Paris 2, June 2009.

“Game Change: Taking stock of a new global landscape,” Keynote Panelist, Forbes Global CEO conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2009.

Lecture series in Japan on U.S. trade policy and the financial crisis, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, Tokyo, April 2009.

“Linking Trade and Security in the Asia-Pacific: The WTO, PTAs, Opportunistic Protectionism, and the Financial Crisis,” 13th Asia-Pacific Security Forum, Taipei, Taiwan, August 2009.

“Look West: The Evolution of U.S. Trade policy Toward Asia,” TFCTN Distinguished Guest Speaker Series, RSIS-TFTCN Public Lecture, Singapore, March 2009; Pudong Institute, Shanghai, July 2009; Asian Development Bank Institute Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series, Tokyo, August 2009; Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center.

“The Perils of Consensus: How ASEAN’s Meta-Regime Undermines Economic and Environmental Cooperation,” Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, August 2009.

“The U.S., APEC, and East Asian Integration: Policy Trends and Options,” Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, July 1, 2009.

“Understanding the Rise of Preferential and Regional Trade Agreements,” Global Institute for Regional Integration, Waseda University, August 2009.

“Using and Abusing Government Intervention and Trade Policy in the 2009-2010 Financial Crisis,” The 5th Jeju Peace Forum, South Korea, August 2009.


“European and International Financial Markets,” Aspen Italy Seminar for Leaders, Venice, May 2008.

“Five Myths about the Global Economy,” University of Bath, July 2008.

“Reluctance to Lead: The Evolution of U.S. Trade Policy, 1st Transatlantic Economic Dialogue, SAIS and the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt, Washington D.C., March 2008.

“The Implications of Free Trade Agreements” APEC CEO Summit, Lima, Peru, 20-23 November 2008.

“The Political Economy of a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific: A U.S. Perspective,” Academia Sinica, August 2008.

“The U.S., APEC, and East Asian Integration: Policy Trends and Options,” Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Tokyo, December 2008.

“Whither Free Trade in the Asia Pacific?” Cambridge University, July 2008.


“FTAs in the Post-WTO World,” Keynote speech, Roundtable on the State of FTAs, Center for International Studies, USC, March 2007.

“Interregionalism: A Passing Fad?” Keynote Speech, GARNET Ph.D. School, Brussels, June 2007.

“Promoting ASEAN Integration: The Role of the Private Sector,” Keynote Speech, ASEAN Talks Business Conference, ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, April 2007.

“Prospects for APEC,” ABAC Meeting, Seattle, February 2007.

“PTAs and the WTO,” WTO Public Forum 2007, Geneva, October 2007.

“The New Architecture of the Global Trading System,” Investment Management Consultants Association, San Francisco, February 2007.


“APEC’s Role in Promoting Free Trade,” ABAC 10th Anniversary Meeting, Cebu, Philippines, August 2006.

“Negotiations with Advanced Developing Countries,” Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C., November 2006.

“Visions of Regionalism in Northeast Asia,” Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, May 2006.

“Prospects for a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific,” Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore and Nanyang University (August 2006), Japan Association of International Relations 50th Anniversary (October 2006) and University of St. Gallen (November 2006).

“Regional Trade Agreements,” Conference on “The Transformation of Asia in the 21st Century,” TiE Silicon Valley Conference Center, March 2006.


“Challenging the WTO? The Rise of Preferential Trade Arrangements,” 3rd Jeju Peace Forum, Korea, June 2005

“Does World Trade Work for America?” Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars/University of Portland, October 2005.

“U.S. Trade Policy,” Global Business Network Worldview, March 2005


“Beyond Network Power: The Dynamics of Formal Economic Integration in East Asia,” Harvard Business School, March 2004.

“East Asian Regionalism,” SAIS, Washington, D.C., April 2004.

“India’s Strategies in a Global Economy,” Sangam 2004 forum, October 2004.

“Responding to a Globalized Economy,” Northern California World Affairs Council, October 2004.

“Regionalization and Globalization,” Global Business Network Annual Forum, October 2004.

“The FTAA and Beyond?” Konrad Adenauer Foundation conference in Puebla, Mexico, March 2004

“U.S. Trade Policy in the 21st Century,” Pardee Conference, Boston University, April 2004.


“New Forms of Organizing Trade in the Asia Pacific,” APARC, Stanford University, February 2003.

“Region, Regionalism and Building Regional Identity: A Comparative Perspective,” East Asian Forum Inaugural Meeting, Seoul, Korea, December 2003, key forum for ASEAN plus Three discussions).

“The New Bipolarity: EU and U.S. Policy in World Trade and Security Relations,” Swedish Institute of European Policy Studies, Stockholm, August 2003.


“APEC and Its Competitors,” presented at a Symposium on “Mexico and APEC,” University of Guadalajara, April 2002.

“The Steel Trade Crisis and Transatlantic Relations,” Economics and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, May 2002.


“Coming Trade Conflicts,” Great Decisions 2001, World Affairs Council, San Francisco, February 2001.

“Options for Trade Liberalization in the Asia Pacific Region,” Liu Centre for the Study of Global Issues, University of British Columbia, February 2001.

“Organizing Trade in the Asia-Pacific After Seattle,” Program on U.S. Japan Relations, Harvard University, February 2001.

“Strategies for a New Trading Order,” Bay Areas World Trade Center’s Economic, Political, and Trade Services Outlook for 2001, January 2001.

“The Changing Trading Order,” CalTrade Leadership group, Bay Area Economic Forum, February 2001.

“The New Trading System,” Asia Pacific Executive Forum, East-West Center, January 2001.

“Trade Conflict and Onset of Regionalism,” Monterey Congressional Forum on International Trade Policy, January 2001.


“After Seattle,” Global Watch Roundtable, ISPI, Milan, Italy, May 2000.

“Globalization After Seattle,” IIS panel, UC Berkeley, March 2000.

“The Evolution of Debt Crises,” presented at a conference entitled “A Challenge to Leadership in the New Millenium: The Sovereign Debt Crises in the New Global Financial System,” sponsored by City University Business School and the International Economics Programme of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, and organized by the London Goodenough Trust, May 2000.


“Comparing Asian and Latin American Debt Crises,” University of Tsukuba, Japan, June 1999.

“Coping with the Asian Crisis,’ California Council for International Trade, Monterey Annual Meeting, January 1999.

“Corporate Strategies after the Asian Crisis,” Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome, January 1999.

“Economic Security and the Nesting of International Institutions,” The Swedish Institute of International Affairs, March 1999.

“Europe vs. America in the Millenium Round,” Agenzia di Ricerche e Legilazione (AREL), Rome, March 1999 (in Italian).

“Implications of the Euro for U.S.-Japan Relations,” Japan Society of Northern California, March 1999.

“Institutional and Corporate Responses to the Asian Crisis,” presented at a conference on Global Scenarios and Emerging Markets, sponsored by The Economist Conferences and Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale, Milan, March 1999.

“International Regimes and Economic Security,” presented at a conference on Security in a Changing World, Swedish Agency for Emergency Planning and National Defense College, Stockholm, March 1999.

“The Asian Crisis and its Implications for Europe,” Assolombarda, Milan, January 1999.

“The Asian Crisis and Implications for U.S., European, and Asian Relations,” Stockholm School of Economics, March 1999.

“The Asian Debt Crisis and the Global Economy,” presented at the 1st Asia Pacific Rim Universities Fellows Program, Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley, July 1999.


“APEC and the Asian Financial Crisis,” Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI), Milan, Italy, May 1998.

Lectures on APEC and Regionalism, York University and the University of Toronto, November 1998.

Lecture on Asian market opportunities, Frost and Sullivan, “Growing Your Business in the Global Economy,” November 1998.

Lecture on California and the Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim Economic Summit, October 1998.

Lectures on “Globalism, Regionalism, and Nesting: Lessons from the European Union and the Asia Pacific, University of Trento and University of Bologna, May 1998.

Speaker, California Republican Convention, “Beyond the Asia-Pacific Crisis: Developing an American Response and Strategy,” Burlingame, California, February 1998.

Speaker, Bar Association of San Francisco, “Doing Business in China and Hong Kong: After the Crisis, and Beyond,” San Francisco, April 1998.

Speaker, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung program, “NAFTA, APEC, and the EU: The Implications of Regionalism,” Berkeley, February 1998.

Speaker, The Pan American Society of California, “NAFTA and the Future of Regionalism,” San Francisco, April 1998.

Speaker, Roundtable on policy implications of the Asian financial crisis, World Capital Markets and Financial Crises, CEPR/ESRC/GEI conference, University of Warwick, July 1998.


Keynote Speaker, “Who Really Rules the World: National Governments or Financial Markets,” World Affairs Council, San Francisco, October 1997.


Keynote Speaker, Canadian International Development Agency and City of Toronto sponsored conference on APEC, “Crafting Institutions in the Asia Pacific,” Toronto, May 1996.


Principal speaker, Shorenstein Seminar on “NAFTA and Pacific Rim Trade: What Impact,” San Francisco, November 1993.


Lecture series in Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, and Spain on policy and financial liberalization, sponsored by USIS, August 1992, June 1991, January 1991, and March 1990.


“Past and present Mexican debt rescheduling efforts,” Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C., February 1990.


Lecture on debt-trade links, Institute for European- Latin American Relations (IRELA), Madrid, Spain, October 1989 (in Spanish).


Lectures on trade conflict and cooperation at the Davos Symposium of the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, February 1988.