2000 Articles

Articles and chapters by BASC Affiliates:

Aggarwal, Vinod K. (2000). Analyzing NATO Expansion: An Institutional Bargaining Approach. Revised version appears in Contemporary Security Policy, Vol. 21, No. 2, August 2000, pp. 63-82.

Aggarwal, Vinod K. (2000). Creating and Modifying Institutions: The Role of Bargaining, Linkages, and Nesting. In Jan Andersson, Internationalization, Economic Dependence, and National Security, pp. 33-56. The Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Aggarwal, Vinod K. (2000). Exorcising Asian Debt: Lessons from Latin American Rollovers, Workouts, and Writedowns. Revised version appears in Deepak Dasgupta, Uri Dadush, and Marc Uzan, eds., Private Capital Flows in the Age of Globalization: The Aftermath of the Asian Crisis, pp. 105-139. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Aggarwal, Vinod K. (2000). The Wobbly Triangle: Economic Relationships among Europe, Asia, and the U.S. after the Asian Crisis. Revised version appears in Maria Weber, ed., After the Asian Crises: Implications for Global Politics and Economics, pp. 173-198. Macmillan.

Aggarwal, Vinod K. (2000). Withering APEC? The Search for an Institutional Role. Revised version appears in Joern Dosch and Manfred Mols, eds., International Relations in The Asia-Pacific: New Patterns of Power, Interest and Cooperation, pp. 67-86. St. Martin’s Press.

Aggarwal, Vinod K. and Charles Morrison. (2000). APEC as an International Institution. Revised version appears in Ippei Yamazawa, ed., APEC: Its Challenges and Tasks in the 21st Century, pp. 298-324. Routledge.